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At the law office Bennett & Erdman , our Los Angeles probate lawyers work with clients throughout Southern California to efficiently and properly handle the process of probating an estate or administering a trust. Our attorneys will ensure that the assets of an estate go to the person or charity intended while minimizing any potential liability on the part of the executor or administrator.

Skillful and Compassionate Legal Guidance Throughout the Probate Process

During the emotionally difficult time following a death, people particularly value the caring and empathy that our staff shows for them and their family. Our goal is to make the probate process as easy as possible, while ensuring all legal requirements are met.

We have handled hundreds of probate proceedings. We will shepherd you through the court procedures, the process of inventorying and estate and contacting creditors, and the process of distributing assets. Whatever question you may have, we have answers. You can always call your probate lawyer for guidance.

Probate Challenges

A number of challenges or problems can arise during the probate process that benefit from the specialized knowledge of a probate attorney or a tax law specialist.

  • There may not be enough assets in the estate to comply with the instructions in the will. In this instance, our probate attorney will consider the mix of assets, what other assets may be available to meet the stated goals, the value of an asset and whether liquidating the asset or distributing the asset itself may meet the goal. Ms. Hartmann will work to negotiate a settlement that is as satisfactory as possible for the beneficiaries.
  • A will or trust may be out of date, naming an heir or a trustee who has already died.
  • A creditor may make a claim on the estate that an heir considers improper or fraudulent.

In some instances, a will contest or probate dispute can only be fully resolved in probate litigation

The Tax Implications of Assets in Probate

The proper transfer of real estate in California is a critical consideration. A home bought in the 1950s and sold or transferred in 2010 has experienced a skyrocketing increase in value. One small error can cause a reassessment of property value and a tremendous increase in property tax. If the transfer for property is done according to correct procedure, this reassessment can be avoided in many circumstances.

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